Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Albums of 1971: Flower Travelin' Band: Satori

Release Date: April 5, 1971

Active Members: Joe Yamanaka (vocals); Hidecki Ishima (guitar); Jun Kozuki (bass); George Wada (drums)

Produced by Yuyu Uchida

Track List: Satori Part I; Satori Part II; Satori Part III; Satori Part IV; Satori Part V

Flower Travelin' Band recorded a handful of acclaimed albums in the early 1970s. Created by Yuyu Uchida, Flower Travelin' Band fused elements of heavy metal, psychedelia, and prog rock. Satori is a tour de force of sonic power.

"Satori Part I" blends the sound of Cream (vocals especially) and the heavy chords of Black Sabbath but done with precision and gracefully done. The thumping bass and infectious guitar riffs of "Satori Part II" builds into hypnotic psychedelia. "Satori Part III" creates a sense of foreboding and then halfway through shift gears from slow to mid tempo with a melodic guitar solo by Ishima. "Satori Part IV" breaks into a blues jam with the harmonica front and center. Closing track "Satori Part V" is a hypnotic quest for spiritual enlightenment - expressed by way of electronic noise.

Flower Travelin' Band broke up in 1973, but all members continued on to solo careers. In 2007 the original lineup reunited. Satori is a journey, a symphonic power trio turning the sound of hard rock on its head. Do yourself a favor: put on your earphones and put this record on full blast. 

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