Friday, May 21, 2021

The Albums of 1971: Colin Blunstone: One Year

Release Date: November 1971

Produced by Rod Argent, Chris White

Side One: She Loves the Way They Love Her; Misty Roses; Smokey Day; Caroline Goodbye; Though You Are Far Away

Side Two: Mary Won't You Warm My Bed; Her Song; I Can't Live Without You; Let Me Come Closer To You; Say You Don't Mind

One Year, the debut solo album of Colin Blunstone who was lead singer for The Zombies, is a splendid record of baroque pop. With many of his fellow band members contributing to what many consider a third Zombies album, a follow up to their 1968 cult favorite Odessey and Oracle. Blunstone's melodic vocal style, romantic lyrics, and pristine string arrangements provide the record with an out of time vibe. 

"She Loves the Way They Love Her" opens the album with a dreamy pop song about a young starlet mesmerizing her admirers. "Mistry Roses" was written by Tom Hardin, a hypnotic track with Blunstone's smoky vocal and an exquisite string arrangement interspersed in the middle. "Smokey Day" was also recorded by The Zombies creates a calm and surreal mood, a bliss out type of song. "Caroline Goodbye" is pure pop perfection, a bittersweet break up song going for a mood instead of a feeling. "Though You Are Far Away" is a romantic lullaby about the neutral zone between awake and dream states. 

The more upbeat "Mary Won't You Warm My Bed" is about longing and a search for an elusive woman, "Her Song" and "I Can't Live Without You" are both about distance and desire with hypnotic string arrangements. "Let Me Come Closer to You" and "Say You Don't Mind" focus on personal growth in the wake emotional upheavals. 

One Year has an intensity of focus and pure emotion. The smooth arrangements and surreal lyrics create a vivid atmosphere for a summer afternoon or a winter's night. A real gem from 50 years ago. 

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